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For Raja Ampat

Expect the
Tropical Medicine

Consult an Expert

We are not qualified to give medical advice and reading this page - or anything else on the internet - is no substitute to seeking counsel from a health professional.

Professional Medical Advice

We only intend to give an overview on the risks present in Raja Ampat. The information found here represents our personal experiences, do not mistake it for an expert opinion.

Health Risks in Raja Ampat

Like with any remote tropical environment, there are risks involved in travelling to such places and Raja Ampat is no exception. Professional medical care is not available in remote areas and it can be a considerable journey to the next health facility.

We Are Well Prepared

Wherever we go, we always bring first aid supplies and a fairly well equipped medicine cabinet, put together addressing the particular circumstances, with us. This allows us to react and offer initial treatment - only after consulting with a health professional first - to a variety of incidents.

What Else

Don't let all of this discourage you from your journey to Raja Ampat. Except for the lack of facilities, the risks are not higher than in Bali.

We can't stress this enough: Consult a tropical medicine specialist before travelling to Raja Ampat. Don't take information found on the internet for granted.

Get Treatment

Health Facilities

Be aware that any facility in Raja Ampat - and all of West Papua for that matter - is not comparable with western medical standards.

Raja Ampat Hospitals & Clinics

Clinics in the Villages

There are government-mandated community health clinics - called Puskesmas - operating in some of Raja Ampat's larger villages. They can provide first aid, but for anything serious treatment in Sorong is a better choice.

Waigeo: Yenbekwan, Waislip, Kabare, Waifoi
Misool: Folley, Waigama and Dabatan

Hospital in Waisai

Waisai's hospital is better equipped than the clinics, but for serious treatment you are still better off to go to Sorong. To our knowledge, The Hyperbaric Chamber in Waisai is currently not operational - and has not been for at least two years, so don't count on it.

Hospitals in Sorong

Sorong is the best choice for any treatment in the area. There is a number of clinics and hospitals, but in our experience the Pertamina Private Hospital offers by far the best service. It is clean, well organized and doctors as well as nurses are rather professional. Pertamina Hospital has proven to be very capable of doing smaller medical interventions and anything outpatient.

What to prepare for


Risks are comparably low and overall Raja Ampat is a rather safe destination to visit.

Diseases and Other Dangers

This is an overview, for details you can do your own research and don't forget to consult a professional.

Keep in mind, this only represent our personal experience and opinion and shall not be understood as professional medical advice.

Better Safe than Sorry

Health Insurance

We require all our guests to have a valid insurance during their tour. Your policy must cover emergency evacuation and treatment.

Should I get medical insurance?

Yes, without a moment of hesitation. We highly recommend insurance for everyone, who wants to visit Raja Ampat. In fact, for our guests, we require it.

Emergency evacuation can be very expensive an the devil never sleeps. Some parts of Raja Ampat are rather remote without any adequate facilities near by.

Credit card providers often include travel insurance, make sure you check your policy.