We Love
What we do

The Beginning

Looking for the untouched

After Reny & Andreas had met, they decided to spend their time touring Raja Ampat.
Avoiding the archipelago's increasingly touristic parts, they were drawn to more secluded areas.

The Evolution

Sharing paradise with you

Travellers soon showed a keen interest in visiting Raja Ampat's remote and secluded islands.
Henceforth, the focus lay on providing authentic and out of the way tours to a handful of guests.

Our Credo

Understand. Respect. Preserve.

Being mindful of and respecting local customs and believes is key to working with remote communities.
We are passionate about protecting the environment. Take nothing, but photos - leave nothing, but footprints.

Our Approach

Providing sustainable livelihoods

Our core concepts: Work with and educate locals. A close relationship with our partners has highest priority.
We support and advise a number of local businesses and freelancers, helping them to improve and develop.