This tour combines adventure and relaxed island hopping

Let us show you Raja Ampat in a way you will never forget — authentic interactions, up close with wildlife & exploring hidden spots. Simply put: Be ready for an unparalleled experience.

Visit the iconic islands of Wayag and spend enough time there to really enjoy the lagoon.

Another highlight of this tour is watching green turtles nest on the beach of a remote island.



Nothing is written in stone

From weather and sea conditions to simply changing your mind: for every part of the tour we've got a number of alternatives lined up. Being able to adept is just as important as having a plan.

Where We'll Stay

Homestays Camping

A Unique Experience

Camping & Local Homestays

We will spend some nights camping on remote islands, others we will enjoy the unique atmosphere of Raja Ampat's guest houses.

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For 2 Guests the price for this tour is € 2.200,- per person.

  • 1 Guest € 3.150,-

  • 2 Guests € 2.200,-

  • 3 Guests € 1.980,-

  • 4 Guests € 1.780,-

  • 5 Guests € 1.600,-

  • 6 Guests € 1.440,-