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The underdeveloped infrastructure makes moving around in Raja Ampat - and all of West Papua - relatively expensive. On the upside however, you can still find truly pristine places and untouched nature hardly ever visited by anyone.

Your chance to visit a Piece of Paradise


Domestic Air Travel

The gateway to Raja Ampat is Sorong, with SOQ airport connected to 3 main hubs in Indonesia by multiple daily flights: Jakarta, Makassar and Manado. There are a few airlines serving Sorong airport, but we recommend to choose one of the 2 below.

Jakarta (CGK) - Sorong (SOQ)

Batik Air ID-7797

00:05 (CGK) - 06:10 (SOQ)

Garuda Inonesia GA-682

00:10 (CGK) - 06:15 (SOQ)

Arriving this early in the morning allows you to catch the ferry from Sorong to Waisai at 09:00. From where we can start the tour straight away.

Sorong (SOQ) - Jakarta (CGK)

Garuda Inonesia GA-683

00:15 (SOQ) - 10:10 (CGK)

Batik Air ID-7780

10:45 (SOQ) - 12:35 (CGK)

You have to catch the ferry from Waisai to Sorong at 14:00 the day before your flight and spend the night in Sorong. We recommend Aston or SwissBel Hotel.

Indonesia's national airline has improved a lot over the past decade and is certified as a skytrax 5 star airline. Although prices are higher than the competition, we think the service is worth it.

On Time & Great Customer Service

Especially for travellers transiting in Jakarta, Garuda is an excellent choice. They operate exclusively out of the new terminal, which is a huge plus.


Batik Air is a good alternative for a tighter budget. Tickets are comparably low priced, but the fleet of relatively new planes are well equipped and offer more leg room than budget airlines.

The Best Value for Money

Batik may have more delays than Garuda, but overall great service for a very competitive price makes Batik Air a good choice for most travellers.



North & South

We take care of all ferry transfers for you.

Both, north and south Raja Ampat, are connected to Sorong via ferries. These are public transport and heavily relied upon not only by tourists, but by locals as well. The ferries can be crowded sometimes, but generally speaking the ride is quite comfortable.

Sorong to Waisai as well as the other way round are operated twice each day: at 09:00 and at 14:00. In calm sea the crossing takes around 2 hours.

More often than not, the ferry is delayed by at least 30 minutes

Tickets are sold at the harbour. Current prices are IDR 100.000,- for a standard ticket and 215.000,- for VIP. Make sure you keep a sweater handy for VIP, since AC is usually set to 16°C.

The crossing to Misool takes about 4 hours to Folley and than another hour or so to Yellu, as long as it's calm. In bad conditions it can take twice as long and occasionally the ferry doesn't go at all.

Tickets are sold at the harbour for currently IDR 200.000,-.

Sorong to Misool

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12:00.

Misool to Sorong

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 08:00 from Yellu and about an hour later from Folley.


The Main Transport

We take care of all boat transfers for you.

Naturally, the most used and in many places only form of transport in Raja Ampat is by boat. Private boat charter - especially if you don't want to travel in local longboats - is expensive. We operate all our tours with our private speedboat.


Travelling By Car

We take care of all roadbound transfers for you.

There are hardly any roads outside the main cities in Raja Ampat, so this applies more to travelling on Papua's mainland. If you join us on one of our mainland tours we will of course provide an appropriate car.

Unique & Unforgettable
Custom Tours

From North to South, we'll show you the best of Raja Ampat. Our private tours are tailored to your wishes - the ideal way to visit this piece of paradise and experience its natural beauty.

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Aerial view of the Ayau islands in Raja Ampat

Upon booking, every guest can decide whether the tour should be open for fellow travellers to join. This helps to lower the rates and is a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

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