An exciting tour to Raja Ampat's secluded Ayau archipelago

The two extensive lagoons in Raja Ampat's north rarely ever see any visitors. Going this far off the beaten path guarantees a one of a kind experience in Raja Ampat.

Visit and explore the breathtaking lagoons in Raja Ampat's remote northern archipelago.

The vivid reefs surrounding Ayau are some of the most colourful in all of Raja Ampat.



Simply extend your tour

This trip can easily be combined with other destinations in northern Raja Ampat, such as island hopping around Wayag or exploring northern Waigeo. Ask us about some of the options . . .

Where We'll Stay

Homestays Villages Camping

Remarkable Experiences

Where nobody else goes . . .

We will spend some nights camping on remote islands, others we'll enjoy the unique atmosphere of Raja Ampat's guest houses and villages.

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For 2 Guests the price for this tour is € 2.700,- per person.

  • 1 Guest € 3.850,-

  • 2 Guests € 2.700,-

  • 3 Guests € 2.420,-

  • 4 Guests € 2.180,-

  • 5 Guests € 1.960,-

  • 6 Guests € 1.770,-