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What to Pack for Raja Ampat

To shorten preparations for your holiday, we have listed few things you should bring along. When travelling to Raja Ampat the principle is simple: less is more.


You don't need a lot

Basically, a few t-shirts and shorts will do. Add swimwear, a pair of trousers and the things listed below and there you go - you have successfully packed your clothes for a holiday in Raja Ampat.

The limestone rocks are razor sharp, so shoes with a hard sole are a must. Keep in mind, shoes will most probably get wet, so don't bring the best pair you have.

The equatorial sun is stronger than most think. Particularly on the boat, where wind makes it feel cooler, but in reality the reflection from the water makes it even worse, sunburn is a real danger.

Bring long sleeved shirts, ideally made of Lycra or a similar PU-based material. These not only protect from the sun, but are ideal as swim wear too. Don't forget to check for an UV-protection factor of at least 50.

On the equator rainstorms are unpredictable and can appear - and disappear - in minutes. Bring a lightweight waterproof jacket, especially on the boat it can get cold without one.

Bring a sweater or hoodie to put on in the evenings. Although the temperature rarely drops beneath 25°C, windchill can make it feel cool at night.

It's a good idea to keep your sweater handy on airports, flights, ferries, etc. Air conditioning can be extreme.


Things to keep in mind

We know, we know, we've all heard it before: leave electronics at home when travelling. Well, we will tell you this: Whatever you bring, at least make sure you store it properly. A boat is a bad place for electronics, so always wrap them in clothes and store them in a drybag .

Indonesia uses European type C power sockets with 220V at 50Hz. Make sure this either fits your charger's specifications or bring an adapter.

There is power available at every homestay, but usually only at night.

If you bring electronic devices powered by batteries, make sure you can either recharge them or bring spare batteries.

Remember to take them back home, there is no way to properly dispose of them in Raja Ampat.

Bring a powerbank. Although power is usually available at your accommodation, it's always good to have a backup.

We are on the move a lot, so it's good to have the possibility of recharging your phone or camera on the boat.

Make sure you bring enough storage space, memory cards in particular. Once out of the cities, you won't be able to find any.

It's good practice to use smaller capacity cards and change them regularly. This way, if the worst happens, at least you won't lose all your pictures.


Ask a professional

First of all, consult a tropical medicine specialist. Only a professional is qualified to provide accurate medical advice. Don't take resources found on the internet for granted - not even our Health & Medical page.

If you have a chronic illness or for any other reason need personal medication, make sure you pack enough - and then bring some more.

We always travel with a first aid kit and a well equipped medicine cabinet, but it's always a good idea to pack basic medical supplies.

For basic information you can have a look at our suggestions, but don't forget to ask a specialized doctor.


Some random things

A collection of some more useful things to bring along. Don't forget to add whatever you enjoy to pass free time, you'll have plenty of that on your flights and transits - and maybe even some in Raja Ampat .

If you don't like UV-protective clothing, you should use sunscreen. We can't stress this enough: The tropical sun on a boat is no joke, even on overcast days you can get burnt within an hour.

Keep in mind, regular sunscreen is quite harmful to coral. So when snorkelling, wearing a lycra shirt is by far the best option. The second best is reef-friendly sunscreen. Check it out in time, it's not always easily available at the drug store around the corner.

If you have unused electronics collecting dust and can spare a few kilos in your luggage, why not give them away? Laptops, tablets and phones in working condition can be put to a good use.

We support Child Aid Papua, an NGO educating the children of Raja Ampat. For many of the children, a laptop is not affordable, so your contribution is highly appreciated.

To help reduce waste, please bring a reusable water bottle. There is always water available to refill, on the boat as well as in the accommodation.

If you don't already have one, get one - or even better, two.

Drybags are perfect to store items you want to keep handy on the boat, like cameras and phones. 20 liters is a good size for phone, a pocket camera, a set of dry clothes and some other small stuff.

For other electronics and things you don't want to get damp in general, a drybag is ideal, too. Obviously, you'd want a larger one, if you bring a laptop or bulky camera equipment.

Basically anything you're going to use for personal hygiene: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, razor, etc.

For ladies: don't forget to pack tampons.

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