Swim with mantas just off the beach

Explore the magnificent rainforest

Wake up to a pristine beach every day

Swim in jungle pools under waterfalls

Snorkel Batanta's vivid reefs

Simply an extraordinary holiday . . .


A laid-back tour taking you to the smallest of the "Four Kings"

Each morning you can snorkel across the narrow channel in front and swim with mantas.

The waters surrounding the island are teeming with fish and coral. Explore the vivid reefs.



For Adventurous Guests:
Spend a Night in the Jungle

Looking for a excitement? We offer the chance to add another day to your trip on which we can take you deep into Batanta's magnificent rain forest.

From hidden lagoons to jungle rivers: we'll show you Raja Ampat's secrets.

Exclusive Homestay

on a pristine beach away from the crowds

Spending the nights in a wonderful local guest house on Batanta's west side, we will have plenty of time to explore the island's best spots.

Bungalow in the Homestay
Guest House on Private Beach
The Homestay at Night

For 2 Guests the price for this tour is € 1.170,- per person.

  • 1 Guest € 1.190,-

  • 2 Guests € 980,-

  • 3 Guests € 880,-

  • 4 Guests € 790,-

  • 5 Guests € 710,-

  • 6 Guests € 650,-