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Here are all Covid-related Infos you need to know

Last Update: 18th of December 2021

Laws and regulations are changing rapidly in these unstable times, so we have put together a collection of ressources to keep you up to date. Currently, the most reliable and up-to date information is Garuda Indonesia's operational policy.

Before committing to anything, make sure you understand all necessary requirements and be aware of the risks involved.


What you must do

Indonesia has put restrictions for all international visitors in place. These may change at any time without any notice. Additionally to the requirements listed below, all international arrivals must present at least one negative Covid test - max. 72h old - upon arrival and quarantine for 10 days. See Garuda's guidelines for details:

Indonesia's Immigration office shows all updates on visa requirements for visitors on their website. Currently, tourist visas and visa-on-arrival are suspended.


Indonesia's all-in-one Covid travel app. The app stores your required documents and lets you apply for travel certificates.

Peduli Lindungi

The International Air Transport Association has an interactive map, showing current travel restrictions for each country.


A registration required for all travellers, that want to visit Raja Ampat. The form is self-explanatory and only takes a few minutes to fill in.



Flights & More

Naturally, the global pandemic has had an impact on all transport - Indonesia is no exception. Before booking, check the current regulations, and make sure you keep up to date on any changes made by the Indonesian government.

Flight schedules to and within Indonesia are limited, but available. Best refer to Garuda Indonesia's Covid operational policy for more details.


Ferries between Sorong and Raja Ampat do not operate within their regular schedule at the moment. Just to be sure, plan in an extra day upon departure to avoid bad surprises.


Covid Specific Advice

In any case, you should consult a medical professional before travelling to Raja Ampat. We have gathered a fair bit of information here: Health & Medical. But we want to remind you that medical care is limited in Raja Ampat.

There are a few simple steps to keep yourself and others safe. Wear a mask while travelling, bring and liberally use hand sanitizer and - whenever possible - keep your distance. Easy enough, right?

Don't even think about travelling without one! You should at least have a medical insurance and - if possible - one that will cover postponing or cancellation of bookings.



Current Data

You can find daily updates on the situation in Indonesia by following the links below. Both, Google and the Indonesian Covid-tracker use the official Indonesian data, so please take both of these with a grain of salt.


Currently is not a good time to travel.

Please have a look around on our site and get inspired for your journey. However, we currently encourage all our guests to plan their trip for later this year.