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To make planning your trip to Raja Ampat as simple as possible, we have put together a lot of useful information here. This should cover all questions that might come up while preparing for your tour.


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We continually strive for complete customer satisfaction. Don't take our word for it, see what our guests say.

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Accommodation, transport, fees, permits, activities and everything else - don't worry, let us handle all of it.


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Not everything is easily available in Raja Ampat. We have put together a list of things you shouldn't forget to bring.

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General Travel Info

How to get to Raja Ampat, how to move around and tips regarding bookings, flights and everything travel-related.


Basic Medical Advice

Travelling to Raja Ampat comes with certain risks. We have collected useful information for you to prepare for your holiday.


Climate & Seasons

Everything there is to know about Raja Ampat's weather and climate, including the best time to visit.


Locally owned guest houses may lack western standards, but they make up for it with an authentic experience and unbeatable locations. We only choose homestays we personally know and can recommend.


If you value higher standard accommodation with western amenities, one of the resorts is probably the best choice for you. Naturally, they come with a rather high price tag.


Security In Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a generally safe place to travel — also for solo travellers. As everywhere, keep an eye on valuables and cash, reports of stolen goods are rare, though. Listen to advice from locals.


Off The Grid

Raja Ampat's islands are remote. Phone and data signal can be lost for days at a time or in some areas simply not be available at all. Power typically comes from generators and is only available at night.


Less Is More

Space is limited. Everything can — and probably will — get wet. Sensible electronics are best left at home, or stored with great care and in drybags: best practice on the boat as well as in homestays.

The Crown Jewel of
The Coral Triangle

The archipelago's fascinating nature and captivating culture are both very unique. Underwater, a world of vivid reefs awaits to be explored, while the islands' lush jungles echo the songs of birds of paradise.