Raja Ampat

Facts & Information

Raja Ampat is an archipelago made up of over a thousand islands and an epicenter of global marine biodiversity. Located off New Guinea's North-West, it stretches over an area of 40,000 km2. Raja Ampat's characteristic lagoons and karst-islands make for a postcard-perfect scenery, while underwater life explodes in an endless variety of shapes and colours.

Ocean Currents

Living with the tides

Tidal currents are Raja Ampat's lifeline. Twice a day the rising tide floods the archipelago with plenty of nutrients, which are the foundation for the archipelago's extraordinary amount of marine life.

Local Lifestyle

Living on the islands

Raja Ampat's people are well known for their relaxed attitude. Things happen in their own pace here. When visiting, leave your worries behind — embrace and enjoy the laid-back way of life.


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Aerial view of the Ayau islands in Raja Ampat

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